The term “crazy girl” is pretty subjective and can mean different things to different people. One man’s definition of “crazy” is not another man or woman’s!

But why do some men like dating crazy women? That’s the difficult topic we’ll explore in this post.

Some may use the term crazy people in jest to describe a man or woman as fun, but others may use it to explain warning signs for girls or men who exhibit toxic behavior.

The good news is you can be both a “crazy woman” – in the way most people use (or misuse!) the term – and an attractive one.

Why Do Some Men Like Dating Crazy Women?

Crazy women aren’t always seen as annoying or unattractive.

In fact, some people think of them as quirky and unique — someone who’s interesting enough to hold their interest for longer than a few minutes.

And if you’re looking for love, we’ve got advice on how “crazy girls” can turn their craziness into attraction.

If you want to know whether you qualify as “crazy,” consider this:

  • Do you have three ex-husbands under your belt (or counting?)
  • do friends avoid being in the same room with you at social gatherings because they fear you’ll start talking about something way left-field than what everyone else is discussing?
  • and do strangers seem uncomfortable when they hear you laugh?

If yes, then you might very well put yourself in the category of “crazy.” We joke, of course, because no man or woman should be spoken about in these absolutes.

Humans are much more nuanced than that.

On the flip side, if you don’t share these attributes, then chances are you’re not “crazy” per se, although you may still like to engage in behaviors that others would describe as eccentric.

Why are crazy girlfriends the best?

Here’s what most guys will tell you when asked about why they like crazy women:

  • I need a crazy girlfriend as I’m a crazy guy
  • I love the crazy sex in bed (and anywhere else!)
  • “Because I’m attracted to her personality.”
  • It makes for an exciting dating life

That’s right.

It doesn’t matter if she has no filter, never stops rambling on and on about whatever topic comes to mind, and makes up stories that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Or if she wears outfits from the ’60s complete with giant platform shoes and miniskirts that reveal lots of skin.

Many guys won’t really care where those clothes or eccentric came from as long as he finds them hot.

And while many women see this trait as unattractive, guys say it actually turns out to be quite appealing.

Why? Because it shows confidence.

She isn’t afraid to take charge and go after what she wants.

When she does talk, she says things without embarrassment.

And even though she may look silly doing it, she seems comfortable expressing herself freely.

Plus, guys admire women who are able to get away with anything, which is part of what draws them to crazy women.

Some men like the strange idea of “taming” a wild woman (probably best to avoid those men!)

So now that you understand why guys like crazy women, let’s explore some ways to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Read on to learn tips on turning your own quirkiness into attraction.

Tips For Crazy Girls & Turning Your Quirks Into Attraction

Here are some tips for the crazy girl if you want a healthy relationship with a shy man.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Who You Really Are With The Right Man

A lot of women worry that sharing too much information about themselves could lead a man to run away once he discovers the real deal.

But studies show that sharing your true self leads to higher compatibility levels between two people.

So instead of holding back, feel free to open up during dates or shared activities.

What’s important is that you trust him enough to believe that he wouldn’t hurt you emotionally or physically.

This means having faith that his intentions are pure.

He should also be trustworthy and reliable — meaning he follows through on promises and commitments.

2. Let Him Know That Being Outgoing Is Part Of Your Personality

Many shy people prefer staying inside, avoiding contact with anyone outside their immediate family circle.

However, research suggests the opposite may be true.

Shy people tend to enjoy spending time around new acquaintances, especially since they help boost feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Or being in social situations and watching others interact.

By keeping busy socially, you allow your inner world to flourish rather than hiding behind closed doors.

As a result, you become happier over time, which translates into better dating success.

3. Keep Physical Contact Under Control

When meeting someone new, remember that touching shouldn’t necessarily mean sex.

Most shy people are uncomfortable initiating physical touch and becoming overly intimate with another person unless it was initiated first.

Holding eye contact during conversations helps build intimacy, as does letting the other party initiate hugs and kisses.

This allows shy people to gradually ease into such interactions, rather than feeling pressured to jump headfirst into situations where they have less control.

Tips for Shy Girls Who Want to Date Men Who Usually Like Crazy Girls

If you want to even the playing field and attract a man who normally like to date women who are a little more eccentric, here are some tips for you.

Though, be aware that sometimes you may just clash with most men who enjoy the drama of legitimately crazy women!

Starting a relationship with a guy like this may not be the best move for you.

Nevertheless, here are some tips.

1. Understand Where He Comes From

Shyness is hereditary, and genetics play a big role in determining its effects.

Some researchers suggest that children raised by introverted parents develop shyness, while extroverts are brought up by outgoing folks.

Other factors include cultural influences and early childhood experiences.

Whatever the case, understanding where your date hails from can help you empathize with his point of view and appreciate his needs.

For example, shy people typically need more reassurance before making decisions; therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions.

Extroverts may require encouragement to spend more time interacting with others, whereas sensitive types simply need validation that they did everything correctly.

2. Allow Yourself Time to Relax

While everyone knows the importance of relaxation, it’s easy to neglect taking breaks from work and personal responsibilities.

Shy people rely heavily on their willpower and discipline to manage stress, but that approach becomes unsustainable over time.

Instead, schedule short periods throughout each day to relax and recharge, whether it’s getting a manicure, going shopping, watching TV or reading a book.

These little moments give you permission to unwind, allowing you to return to your normal routine refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ultimately, you’ll be better equipped to handle tough challenges and relationships.

3. Take Advantage of Opportunities to Practice Interaction Skills

There are plenty of opportunities to practice speaking in front of groups, including Toastmasters meetings and workshops designed specifically for shy people.

Such classes provide instruction on overcoming fears associated with public speaking and learning basic conversational skills.

While attending sessions alone is beneficial, try pairing up with others and participating in group discussions afterward.

Better yet, volunteer to present topics related to your area of expertise.

Doing so builds confidence in addition to improving communication abilities and increasing self-esteem.

4. Get Comfortable Around New People

One major reason shy people struggle with romantic relationships stems from a lack of comfortability around new people.

Research indicates that shy people suffer from poor quality friendships due to a tendency to isolate themselves.

Therefore, building meaningful connections requires getting out more frequently and establishing healthy relationships with peers.

One surefire way to accomplish this goal is by volunteering for community organizations that involve mingling with strangers.

Signing up for hobbies such as dance lessons, cooking clubs or yoga studios provides ample opportunity to meet new people.

Another option is joining online communities geared toward helping shy people overcome loneliness, such as and Facebook Groups.

5. Make Sure His Friendships Aren’t Unhealthy

It’s possible that certain individuals can cause anxiety within shy people.

Often referred to as enablers, such people encourage negative behavior by giving false hope or putting unrealistic expectations on their partners.

Beware of any close friend who encourages unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking or drug use.

Also keep tabs on co-workers who pressure you to drink excessively, smoke pot or participate in risky sexual escapades.

6. Develop Healthy Boundaries

Communication breakdowns occur when boundaries are crossed unintentionally or intentionally.

Typically, misunderstandings happen when couples disagree about rules regarding nudity, sleepovers, casual flirting or emotional expression.

Before attempting to change your partner’s behavior, discuss potential scenarios beforehand.

Then agree upon clear guidelines to prevent future conflicts.

Once you establish ground rules, stick to them consistently.

Otherwise, resentment and frustration can arise, causing distance to grow between you and your significant other.

7. Try Dating Multiple Types of Guys

You may already realize that the type of guy you fall for changes depending on your mood or situation.

Sometimes, you gravitate toward bad boys or alpha males, while other times you seek out nice guys.

Luckily, you can choose multiple traits to appeal to different aspects of a guy’s character.

For instance, if you desire stability, you could focus on finding someone who respects tradition and values commitment.

Yet, if you’d rather be swept off your feet, pay attention to charismatic men who are fun to hang out with but aren’t serious about forming lasting bonds.

Knowing your preferences will increase your odds of attracting Mr. Right.


Ultimately, calling someone a crazy girl may be unfair.

They could simply have a different, more eccentric personality type than you do and still be a nice girl.

Of course, sometimes the word is used in a valid way and to describe men or women who need professional help and you want to stay away from guys who enjoy these types of emotions or rollercoasters in their relationship.

Most people exist on a scale and simply put, some partners are better or worse for you and your personality type than others.

It’s best not to judge and if you do want to come out of your shell a bit more and be more eccentric, set yourself small daily tasks to do something that scares you, until your confidence builds.

Good luck!