How sure are you that the broadheads you use match your kind of crossbow or type of game hunting? This is just one of the questions hurled to game hunting newbies as they are the ones who always complain about buying the wrong device. Seriously, what makes a good set of broadheads?

Determining the right type needs careful examination as it involves many aspects and considering the wide array of broadheads available in the market these days. Consider the following testing metrics before selecting:

  1. Penetration – How fast or easy it performs in penetrating through an animal
  2. Wound Channel – How you want to damage the animal’s vital organs
  3. Blood Trail – How much blood trail you want to see while tracking a wounded animal
  4. Accuracy – How precise you want your shot to be

Here are the top 10 picks of crossbow hunting experts:

Best Broadheads for Crossbows

Muzzy Broadheads New Muzzy Trocar

These are removable-blades known for design quality, razor-sharp feature, perfect penetration and balanced weight. The Muzzy type has 3 blades and weighs 100 grains. Its powerful blades are ideal for hunting but not advisable for target practice.  The bad-to-the-bone package contains instructions for attaching and detaching the blades. Listed price is at $29.95 for a pack of three.

Allen Company Grizzly Three-Fixed-Blade Broadheads

Weighing 125 grains, these fixed-type broadheads come in three’s. Apart from being very sharp, they are well-balanced and sold at a lower price. These broadheads have been in active use in the early 80’s and have proven its dependability. These go right through any animal; that is if you are a precise shooter. This type is sold at $9.67 each but you can get a discounted price if you buy in sets.

Barnett Outdoors X Expandable-blade Broadheads

This expandable-blade broadheads are available in 100 and 125 grain weights and are ideal for 20″ to 22″ arrows. They come in pack of three’s and a 5-year warranty. The opening and collapse capability of these blades is very dependable; they are known not expand during mid-flight and reliably expand on impact. They create very large wounds that leaves easy to track blood trail. The blades are razor-sharp so buyers must take extra precaution when screwing it on. Using a broadhead wrench is highly advisable.

G5 Outdoors T3

The G5 Outdoors manufactures dependable and advanced products and counts the T3 among them. Its durability visibly is seen in its 100% steel structure and expandable head allowing maximum cutting area. With replaceable blades, you can use it in different types of kills. It has a 100-grain weight head and a high-speed crossbow type available at $37.12 for a pack of six. Replacement spider clips and blades are also available.

 New Archery Products Killzone

This is another perfect choice for crossbow hunting aficionados. Its 2-blade mechanical broadhead has rear-deploying blades designed for crossbows shooting up to 400 fps. This type has 100 and 125 grain versions and both cost $37 for packs of three’s. While some users experienced say they found satisfaction in the NAP Killzone, others encountered blade deployment and penetration capability issues.

New Archery Products Spitfire

Whether you are looking into crossbows or regular hunting bows, the NAP Spitfire Broadhead is an easy pick. It has 100 and 125-grain versions with the former enabling more speed and the latter helps you in accuracy and penetration. It is known to be consistent in its in-flight mechanical retention system. The 3-bladed Spitfire leaves large blood trails due to the huge wound channels created by its razor-sharp blades. Both of these are good buys at $30.86 in packs of three.

Excalibur Boltcutter

The 150-grain Excalibur Boltcutter features 3 fixed blades that promises accurate flight and allows for deeper penetration than most types. Users say that the mechanical versions have proven to have more accuracy, the result when using Excalibur is still close to field point. It is ideal for deer and elk hunting as well as moose and hog. Its cutting diameter is 1 1/16”. While it is among the highest rated broadheads in the market, it is priced reasonably at $35.15 (per 3-pack).

Trophy Ridge Steelhead XL 3 Blade

The Rocket Steelhead belongs to the cheaper broadheads you can purchase at $28. It performs well on penetration but falls below its advertised 1 1/2” cutting diameter. In tests, this 3-bladed broadhead only provided a diameter of 15/16. Some say that its blades are duller compared side by side with others of its kind. Nevertheless, it is a top choice for hunters who want to save on cash out.

Swhacker Crossbow

The Swhacker does not look like it can do wonders because of its simple design. However, performance-wise, it belongs to the elite of broadhead types. It sports a smart design that eliminates failure in deployment. Meaning—the blades deploy 100% accuracy (most of the time). This simple design lessens aerodynamic drag encountered during deployment and what more it can offer to its users? The deepest penetration in comparison to all broadheads sold today. The tool’s simplicity and solid structure promote outstanding performance. This deer hunting favorite comes in packs of three’s and sells at $35 per pack.

Flying Arrow Archery C3100-CB Cyclone

The Cyclone is a more conventional breed of Flying Arrow Archery broadhead. Compared to Toxic, which went out in the market in 2013, Cyclone leans on a more traditional design. It has a 3-bladed broadhead with curved, razor-sharp blades and a chisel tip similar to that of its precursor. The special version for crossbow hunting enables interchanging blades of the Cyclone and Toxic models. Cutting diameter is 1”-1 1/8”. This is fast selling at $38.72.

Always remember that major brands come with specifications and recent models are stamped with proof mark to ensure you are getting items that have consistent weight. You may settle for a fixed, replaceable or mechanical blade depending on the type of game you are into. Most of all, you can choose from the more expensive ones to make sure you will get the right results in your next hunting outing.

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