MuscleTech Phase 8 Review

MuscleTech Phase 8 Review

MuscleTech Phase 8 

MuscleTech Phase8 protein powder promises to deliver a sustained-release protein formula. Already in the market in an assortment of flavors, it sells from $28.24 – $43.24 for a 2-lb and 4.5-lb containers respectively. Great price plus great taste with different flavors and containing half the amount of carb and fat compared to competing blends—what else does it offer?

This nutritiously efficient drink has got what it takes to maintain the ideal repair and recovery state of our body and it does it by using high quality protein sources that are derived from milk which are set to absorb at different rates. This formula mixes well with either milk or water and each serving contains 26 grams of protein, 2.2 grams of glutamine, and a good serving of BCAAs at 4.6 grams.


While MuscleTech Phase 8 is specifically made for muscle growth and focuses releasing amino acids into our bloodstream within 8 hours to create a longer muscle-building period. The blend contains hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate, and calcium caseinate. It also includes micellar casein as an ingredient that acts to provides us with 26 grams of safe proteins used to repair the body system.

Besides its nutritional benefits, it employs several flavors concocted by leading protein flavoring experts. Majority of those who have tasted the blend agree that it has an unbeatable taste. It is the first protein shake that does not use sugar and never tasted terrible when added with water. This also means that no other carbs were added to make it palatable and there is no point of hesitation in taking it even if you are on a strict calorie count.

The mixture can be taken any time (pre-workout or post-workout periods). Amino acids are delivered at a constant rate just when your body needs it due to its extended absorption process. The slow release rate makes it extremely anabolic and anti-catabolic compound able to maintain a muscle-building environment for extended periods of time. Quick release amino acids are there for post-workouts, medium release work best in between meals, and slow release amino acids functions perfectly during night time.

Variety plays a crucial role in protein powder formulas as it eliminates the misery in staying with just one particular flavor. To play it safe, you can opt to buy smaller tubs to get to the flavor that suits you. There would be times when you want to buy a bigger container to save on money but fact is you don’t have to because not all tastes are favored by many and that includes you.

It boils down to discarding the one you just bought and replacing it with another flavor you want to taste. So, you can try one small container first and once you find it is good for your tongue, get the same flavor again and this time, get 2 or 3 bigger tubs so you can save a few bucks.


  • There are some doubts about the “8-Hour Sustained-Release Protein Absorption” marketing slogan
  • The scoop is larger than what I am used to but makes sense as each serving (which is larger than typical size) is 41 grams but only contains 26-gram protein per serving
  • The powder is very fine and looks similar to baby powder which gets messier because of the super fine particles that sticks easily to the hands and fingers, the scoop, table or mixes with air that you breathe
  • Flavors are sweet and smell nice but are slightly chemically in taste just like the Strawberry flavor that tasted like a strawberry-flavored medicine (what can you expect)
  • The chocolate flavor tasted somewhat artificial but the vanilla flavor really stood out as the best


If you’re looking for a long lasting, sustained-release protein formula, the MuscleTech Phase 8 blend is for you. While others doubt its capacity of bringing in benefits to the body, trying it is the best way for you to find out. Sometimes people can be so picky when it comes to formulas like this that they want it to taste like this, and be like that. Nevertheless, the chemical taste stays with each formula as it contains nutrients that may be good for your body but does not taste good enough.

What you are after here is the efficiency of the blend. If you want to get the best tasting blend, then you have to suffer the consequences by taking in drinks that look and taste nicer but heralding in what you wanted to avoid.

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