Shaving Doesn’t Need To Be Boring!

If you’re not using a straight edge razor kit for shaving, then you’re missing an experience of a lifetime. Most of us hate that dreaded routine which we can’t wait to get over with. The thicker the hair the messier it gets wishing that it would just stop growing and so, one less thing to do.

Those who have got their hands on one of this golden-age facial grooming tool would wish otherwise. Ironic is it may sound, they actually enjoy using it. No one knows exactly what they are really feeling or experiencing.

Whatever it is, if straight shaving isn’t an enjoyable process, everything about it would have ended. But in fact, the mens straight razors trend is actually growing. More of us are searching for it online, we are ordering straight razor starter kits, and we’re using it and definitely sharing our experience with it.

One thing for sure you’ll take away from this form of shaving is self-pride, envy from others and sexiness from the opposite sex.

Although the learning process does take some effort and practice, there’s no doubt in time, you’ll enjoy shaving like how real men should shave. Beware of addiction and obsession!

​The purpose of this guide is to get your feet wet especially if you’re new to the scene and want to get into straight razor shaving after having heard of its benefits or just looking to start something new.
​You will learn about the different type of straight razors available and also see our compiled list of the best straight razor brands who manufactures some of the best razors.

Different Types Of Straight Razors

Blade Material

Most of them are made from either stainless steel or cast steel. Those that are forged from stainless steel, tend to be longer lasting as they are resistant to rust. They are more expensive as well.

Although stainless steel straight razors are longer lasting, they are harder to sharpen and if by whatever reasons the blade gets blunt, it can be challenging to get back its sharpness.
Those forged from cast steel on the order hand, are not resistant to rusts so proper care is required. You don’t want a rusty blade near you. Apart from that they are much cheaper and easier to sharpen should the blade gets blunt.

Blade Profile Type

There are basically 3 profile points. The round point, square point and French point. All straight razor starter sets will come with round point blade profiles and it’s for safety reasons that they are that way.

Round points minimize the risk of users slicing, scratching, chopping or whatever you want to call it, themselves. Although safer, what they lack is precision which shouldn’t matter for clean shaves but can be challenging for shaving patterns and designs. For those, you’ll need a square point or French point. Both of which have sharp edge profiles for precision shaving.

Square/French profile point blades are meant for more advance users. So for the sake or your safety, stay away from them until you are used to shaving with a straight razor.

Other differences would be the sizes and scale designs (handle)

Best Straight Razor Kit Brands

straight razors for cheap

Getting the most expensive straight razor set isn’t necessary at all and here’s why! You’re not going to carry it to office or a party and start showing it off. There’s definitely no glamor in doing that. So if you’re starting out, don’t bother with those pricey ones. What you need is one that is quality, functional and durable.

Below are some of the top straight razor manufacturers. You can’t go wrong with them if you’re looking for quality straight razors. The list of straight razor reviews is ordered based on popularity.

Dovo Straight Razors

Dovo Solingen is a German company that specializes in crafting steel into masterpieces. They are well known for their amazing craftsmanship which has helped them gain their fame worldwide. They create some of the best grooming tools and accessories for both men and women and yes they have the best straight razor kit. Their collection consists of 11 straight razors in different sizes and colors.

Boker Straight Razors

Another German company, Boker Solingen is a knife specialist manufacturer that also has a line of straight razors. Their collection consists of 7 designs in different sizes and colors:​

Feather Professional Razors

Feather professional is a Japanese razor manufacturer. Not much is known about this company as they don’t really have any presence online but dang feather straight razors are the best looking ones out there!
They’ve got 2 designs in their collection.

Thiers Issard Straight Razors

Thiers Issard is a French manufacturer that exports cutleries and razors with a Sabatier status which implies very high quality products. They are one of the biggest exporters of straight razors with 18 designs in their collection.

Gold Dollar Straight Razor

Gold Dollar Straight Razor is manufactured by a Chinese company. Not much is known about the company as an entity however, they do offer the most affordable and cheap straight razor kit for beginners.

Parker Straight Razors

Parker Safety Razor has been in the fine grooming supplies supplier for almost 4 decades. It started as a family business but has since expanded into the multinational scene covering Americas, Europe and Asia. They have 5 barber straight razor designs in their collection.

Sweeney Todd Straight Razor

Sweeney Todd is a trademark brand after a movie ‘Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber’. Since then, functional replica straight razor featured in the movie has been on sale.

Wade and Butcher Straight Razors

Tool, Cutlery and Steel Manufacturer from Sheffield UK started in the early 19th century and have produced some of today’s highly demanded vintage straight razor for collection.

Dorko Straight Razors

Another German grooming tool manufacturer based in Solingen. As far as our research shows, they no long make straight razors which are now heavily demand in the antique straight razor market.

Plenty More Good Razor Brands Out There!

  • Kamisori Straight Razor
  • Mastro Livi Straight Razor
  • Puma Straight Razor
  • Ern Straight Razor
  • Fromm Straight Razor
  • Friodur Straight Razor
  • Hart Straight Razor
  • Master Usa Straight Razor
  • Spartacus Straight Razor
  • Zeva Straight Razor
  • Ja Henckels Straight Razor
  • Nos Straight Razor
  • Muhle Straight Razor
  • Keen Kutter Straight Razor
  • Filarmonica Straight Razor
  • Joseph Rodgers Straight Razor
  • Genco Straight Razor
  • Lynn Abrams Straight Razor
  • Clauss Straight Razor
  • Griffon Straight Razor
  • Merkur Straight Razor
  • Black Dragon Straight Razor
  • Revisor Straight Razor
  • Krusius Brothers Straight Razor
  • Pacinos Straight Razor
  • Johnny B Straight Razor
  • Magic Straight Razor
  • Robeson Straight Razor
  • Krieger Straight Razor
  • Enzo Straight Razor
  • Bengall Straight Razor
  • Otto Deutsch Straight Razor
  • Kai Straight Razor Bison
  • X Max Sprecher Straight Razor
  • Pride Cutlery Straight
  • Razor Xotics Straight Razor
  • Kropp Straight Razor
  • Baxter Base Camp X Straight Razor
  • Jr Torrey Straight Razor
  • Zowada Straight Razor
  • Red Imp Straight Razor
  • Jatai Straight Razor
  • Imperial Straight Razor
  • Zombie Nick Straight Razor
  • Le Grelot Straight Razor
  • Venus Straight Razor
  • Iwasaki Straight Razor

How To Use A Straight Razor For Shaving?

When it comes to learning a new skill, it’s difficult to learn from just texts.

Illustrations do help but the best would be to watch videos on how to use a straight razor!

Below are some good tutorial videos 🙂

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