Best Reciprocating Saws

A reciprocating saw is a hand-held power tool that can cut through old cabinets, drywall, wood, steel, wall tiles, and other objects that require quick removal. It is a type of saw used for home renovations, as well as in demolitions to make work lighter. This power tool can make you cut down boats, houses, and others faster and easier. Read on to know more about this amazing hand-held tool, including how it can save you time and effort as well as product reviews on some of the best models around.

Quick Buying Guide

There are several factors that affect the price and value of a reciprocating saw. It is ideal to know these things to ensure that you buy the right one for your cutting needs. Below is a quick buying guide to help you find the best reciprocating saw:


Most reciprocating saws have between 9 and 15 amperages. The higher the amp, the more power you will have. Contractors will want to look for models with 15amp of power, while those buying for DIY can go for 11amp.

Stroke Length

The cutting job is faster when the stroke length is longer. Most models run from ¾-inch to 1 ¼-inch, and some are even adjustable. Your projects will help you determine the stroke length that you need.


You will need to change the blades often with this type of saw. It means that the mechanism used to change the blade will matter to you. How easy or difficult it is to change the blade will impact your overall cutting experience. Many manufacturers have included blade locks that will no longer require the use of an Allen wrench. Such mechanisms vary from model to model.

Shoe Adjustment

Being able to adjust the shoe will give you better control over the cutting depth. It also makes the saw much stable. You will want to ensure that the adjustment mechanism is precise and easy.

Straight or Orbital

There are two types of reciprocating saws when it comes to the way they cut. An orbital type will move in a circular direction for a faster and more aggressive cut. Meanwhile, straight ones move back and forth.

Strokes Per Minute (SPM)

Corded or cordless reciprocating saws will run between 2,300 and 3,000 strokes per minute. Models running at higher amperages will usually produce higher strokes per minute.

Variable Speed Control

This feature will allow you to adjust the speed that the blade cuts. The speed will depend on the material used or the cutting angle. Being able to adjust the speed will help improve the quality of your projects, but it will not make much difference if you only plan to use it seldomly.


The hand-held tool’s weight matters a lot for a frequent user. It can be an important consideration for somebody who plans to use this type of saw for long periods of time or for cutting at an angle. A balanced design will help lessen the feeling of the tool’s weight, but it will not help much.

Rotating Handle or Blade

Many models have handles or blades that can rotate. While it may not matter to most DIY-ers, it will for contractors. It makes the sawing tasks in awkward positions easier and more convenient.

Corded or Cordless

If you work in a site without electricity, then you will want a cordless model. A corded type will only be beneficial if you do not want to keep on recharging or changing batteries. Corded models can also maintain powerful and fast cuts. Your voltage options range from 18 to 24 volts.

You now know the important factors to consider when looking for a reciprocating saw. Without further ado, below are product reviews of the best models available today to help you decide better.

Top 7 Reciprocating Saws

1. DeWalt DCS387B 20v

This model is compact and lightweight in design. It features a blade clamp that can be moved into four different positions. The pivoting shoe provides added versatility, and the blade can easily be taken off. Other features include a 1 1/8-inch stroke length, a variable speed control (from zero to 2,900spm), and LED light to illuminate the work area.

2. DeWalt DWE304 10Amp

This saw has a 10amp power designed for heavy-duty cutting jobs. It has a blade clamp, fixed shoe, flush cutting, and a keyless lever for added versatility and efficiency. This model can also be adjusted and can run between zero to 2,800SPM, with a 1 1/8-inch stroke length for quick cutting.

3. SKIL 9Amp

This 9amp reciprocating saw is designed for various applications. It features a power indicator that tells you when the tool is plugged in. The blade clamp enhances versatility and makes blade changing a breeze. The pivoting shoe lengthens the blade life and offers better cutting depth control. The rubber grip, lastly, provides comfort and control.

4. Bosch RS7 11Amp

This model has 11amp of power, perfect for heavy duty uses. With a stroke length of 1 1/8 inches, cutting can be done faster. The variable speed control lets you change the speed from zero to 3,000SPM. This model has a dual LED light for safety and accuracy, while the ergonomically-designed handle comes with a soft grip for better control and comfort.

5. Porter Cable 20Max

This model has a blade changing mechanism that does not require an additional tool. It also has a variable speed control and a pivoting shoe for versatility and efficiency. It has a stroke length of one inch, and adjustable speed that ranges from zero to 3,000spm. The compact design and contoured handle allows for better storage and comfort.

6. Black&Decker 20V Max

This reciprocating saw has a tool-free blade-changing mechanism for improved efficiency. The adjustable speed control, as well as the pivoting shoe, ensure ease-of-use. With a 7/8-inch stroke length and adjustable speed that ranges from zero to 3000spm, you will definitely enjoy using this saw. It also has a maximum initial voltage of 20v and a nominal voltage of 18v.

7. DeWalt Cordless 18v

This model is durable and portable. Its lightweight and cordless design allow for ease-of-use and versatility. This tool is made of steel and plastic, with a 1 1/8-inch stroke length and an adjustable speed that ranges from zero to 3,000SPM. Other features include a grip handle, blade clamps, and pivoting and adjustable shoe.

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