Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Reviewed

Paintball is now not only considered a game, but as an actual sport. Its popularity is brought about by its ability to immerse you in combat without the fatality. Although it is true you will not die going to war with these guns, it is very true however that you will get hurt. After all, these pellets shoot at you at considerable speed and they will leave a mark. You can mark my words.

Although what you cannot deny is the fun you will get playing the game. A lot of facilities will provide you with gear, ammunition, and yes, the guns, however if you’re really serious about Paintball, and play often, you might want to invest in your own equipment. This will allow you to “marry” your skill with your gun.

Familiarity with your own gun can make you a better player. The problem with renting is that it’s like teaming up with a total stranger; and the gun may already have issues before you came into its life, the same is true for you. Your own gun in your hand will feel like a glove. It becomes part of you, part of your game.

When buying the perfect paintball gun, consider a couple of things, like who are you playing with? Are these amateurs? Are these hard core paintball enthusiasts? Do you play often? Where do you compete? Of course what type of game are you playing? Woodsball? Speedball? Mil-sim? As always, your equipment should match its purpose, or else it will be like eating spaghetti with a spoon.

Here are some of the best paintball guns on the market in 2016.

Top 10 Paintball Guns 2016

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Dye Proto Rail Best gun for BYOG (Bring your own gun) rental facility that provides option to switch between tournament mode & auto fire; durable parts + gun offers over 500,000 shots of play time; lightweight & comfortable to carry Very Good Low4.5 / 5
Empire Sniper Known for accuracy this gun design withstands most weather conditions; saves time - allows re-cocking while still aiming saving time; this pump model competes with some semi-automaticsVery Good Mid-Range 4.4 / 5
Empire Axe Perfect for amateurs & professionals + deemed best for speedball; a bit expensive but has lots of features; no recoiling worries & ball chopping is eliminatedExcellentMid-Range 4.6 / 5
Tiberius Arms T9.1 EliteBest for Mil-Sim, the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite gun looks like a real rifle, and if you’re one to play a lot better when your imagination runs wild, this is the paintball gun for you. You can go stalking your target or go bazooka on them all at once.Very Good Mid-Range 4.3 / 5
Planet Eclipse Ego Shoots smoothly with its built-in LED display; users can easily set the gun to own specs; sold at an expensive price but worth the experienceVery Good High4.3 / 5
Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 An upgrade of the Ego model that outperforms guns of older models; fires accurate & consistent shots; gun is controllable even with far targets; durable & tournament-wiseVery Good High4.4 / 5
DLX Luxe 2.0A favorite among seasoned professionals due to its dependability; features enhanced circuit boards to save on battery life; fitted with OLED screens for customized gamingVery Good Very High 4.4 / 5
Dye DAMLooks like a real rifle with feed-switching system for easy changing between magazine feeding & hopper feeding while on a game; lightweight & easily controllable; expensive for most playersGoodVery High4.0 / 5
Dye DM14Takes a lot of features from the Dye DAM; switches from semi to full automatic; ideal for intimidating other playersVery Good Mid-Range 4.4 / 5
Empire VanquishThis high-end tournament gun is expensive; features temperature settings & connectivity to devices for real time setting changes; provide owner a good headstart against opponentsGoodHigh 4.0 / 5

Dye Proto Rail

The Dye Proto Rail gun is the best gun to use should you decide to go BYOG (Bring your own gun) at a rental facility. You can switch between tournament mode and auto fire. Parts are very durable and parts will last for a very long time. The gun also offers over 500,000 shots of play time. Lightweight and comfortable to carry, the Dye Proto Rail gun can compete with more expensive guns in its class.

Empire Sniper

It may not look like a real sniper gun,  but is rather named for its accuracy. The gun design and make lets it withstand a wide array of weather conditions. You can re-cock the gun while still aiming at your opponents,  saving time. Considering it is a  pump model, it still competes very well with some semi-automatics.

Empire Axe

Amateurs and professionals alike  would prefer the Empire Axe as it is deemed best for speedball. A bit on the more expensive end however, the Empire Axe makes up for much of its features. A most common problem with paintball guns is degassing, or replacing the air tank. This gun does not have that worry. Also, you shouldn’t worry about recoil as well. Lastly, a common problem with paintball guns, ball chopping is eliminated, and you can safely say you use 100% of your ammo.

Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite

Best for Mil-Sim, the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Elite gun looks like a real rifle, and if you’re one to play a lot better when your imagination runs wild, this is the paintball gun for you. You can go stalking your target or go bazooka on them all at once.

Planet Eclipse Ego 11

Should you consider going pro paintball player, the Planet  Eclipse Ego 11 will be a candidate when shopping for your perfect gun. Shots are smoother, and with its built-in LED display, you can easily set the gun to your specs. The first Ego landed in 2005, and although the price tag on this may be expensive, it is sure worth your money.

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5

Upgrade the very dependable Ego, and you get the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5. It outperforms other guns of older models. The shots you get from these babies are pretty accurate and consistent, so you can pull off the same shots over and over again. Thais is because you can control this gun even when your target is far away.Durable, and tournament-worthy, it’s a good buy, despite its price.

DLX Luxe 2.0

If you believe that money gets you quality, then maybe this gun is what you have in mind. Seasoned professionals will buy this unit as they know it ranks highest in dependability. Improved circuit boards save on battery life, which means you last longer in between games as well. OLED screens on these guns allow you to customize your game as well.


Another gun that looks like an actual rifle is the Dye DAM. If you are a Mil-Sim player, you might just want this gun. Feed-switching system lets you change between magazine feeding and hopper feeding during the game, it is lightweight and allows you to take control of your game. Heads up for the price range though, it is one of the most expensive guns out there.

Dye DM14

Trusted in the market, the Dye DM14 has been a major player for a long time. It take a  lot from its  Dye DAM cousin, with the additional feature of being able to swith from semi to full automatic. If you’re one to intimidate other players in the game, this is the gun for you.

Empire Vanquish

Although heavy on your pockets, this gun is also one of the best. A high-end tournament gun, it has temperature settings, and connectivity to other devices, providing you real time  setting changes. Look like the hero of the battlefield  holding this gun, as it will provide you a good headstart against your opponents.

Summing Up

Satisfied with our choices? Which gun would you choose? Again, the more pricier guns do have their advantages. That’s why considering factors like if you were playing for recreation or joining a tournament is very important indeed. The same way that you don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed for an occasion, I would imagine.

We hope you come up with the best paintball gun, and may the odds be ever in your favor.