Often, you can hear people say, ‘Hair is the shining glory of a woman’. Well, that’s basically true. And that’s not only applicable to women but also to men.

Just like ladies, men have a special bond with their hair and they do take extra care of this part of their body, too. Not only it is one of the main things that people see when they interact but the hair already does give people an impression of what kind of man you are. And if you’re a macho-centered guy, you’d want a very good impression at first meetings with people, especially with women and men.

Along the years, the emphasis on men’s hair has become more popular. So with that, a lot of men’s hair products have come out into the market, from hair gel to hair moisturizer, a man’s hair needs is totally taken care of. Not only that, since people, especially barbers, have become more inventive, hairstyles and haircuts for men have evolved not only for aesthetic purposes but also for professional reasons.

Now, the latest trend in haircut focuses on styles which are dynamic and versatile. Men want to look well-groomed for work while they can easily switch to a high-fashion look for casual days and night time dates.

For you fun and stylish guys who are looking for the best haircut styles, here are five.

Best Haircut Styles for Guys in 2016

  • High volume undercut with a taper

This style features a fading effect followed by much longer hair on top which is a bit longer than the traditional undercut. The cut gives a wavy and more hair volume look, but to get this look you will need to get used with a hair dryer, pomade and a brush. It’s a bit arduous but worth it.

  • Business savvy look

What comes to your mind when you hear business savvy would be the usual sleek look combed backward which appears to be stiff and movement proof. This one isn’t that, the hair would still look clean and neat but is easy to re-style when you get off work to go out on your night dates. Get this look by growing your hair to medium length while maintaining the back and side with the usual trimmings. Mr. Grey, anyone?

  • Stylish short and curly haircut

Get this seductive masculine look by chopping off those long lock curly locks. This haircut gives you a sexy vibe but maintains a classy and neat look for work. Yes, we call that sexy.

  • Men’s long trendy hairstyle

For men who decide to keep their hair long they should consider this cut. This one maintains a neat and tidy style but it stands out from the crowd. To achieve the look, it is important to keep the hair healthy, soft and shiny by using appropriate hair products for proper grooming. To look as trendy as this, you’d really need to make sure your hair’s healthy and bouncy – that’s more points for better first impressions!

  • Buzzed Skin Fades Cut

This is the hairstyle that never goes out of style. It’s the go-to haircut for almost all men who’s tired of those styles that demand a lot of time. This one will always give a fresh and modern vibe. It would even make you look sporty and a person who seems to enjoy being free and natural.

What can we say, everything evolves and so does men’s hair. Not only your hair, but also your beard. And yes, your hair SHOULD, too.

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