Top 10 Best Foosball Tables Reviewed

Not your typical ball game, that’s foosball. Basically, foosball is like a miniature version of soccer played on a special table.  This game is highly entertaining and enjoyable for families, friends or even co-workers.  If you’re thinking of buying a foosball table, don’t rush to pick just any table that catches your fancy.  In general, there are two kinds of foosball tables you can choose from.  Standard foosball tables are more commonly used; they’re heavy tables with legs.  Tabletop foosball tables are easier to move around, they can just be placed on top of any strong table.

Best Foosball Table For The Money 2016

Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table

The Carrom 530.00 Signature Foosball Table is a superior quality foosball table with excellent functionality.  Not only does it bring fun and games, it can be quite a decorative piece for any room with its Moroccan finish, steel rods and wood handles.  It’s an extremely durable table and can last many years.  The whole thing is easy to put together, although it is rather heavy.  An important feature for foosball players are the vinyl legs which provide a stable and flat playing surface.  You can also change the goalies and play with either one or three.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Ideal for younger players, the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is of great quality but more affordable.  It’s only as tall as four feet so kids can have a great time playing with this.  It also has a more trendy and sporty design.  The table is sturdy enough but light, as it’s made of fiber board, which means it’s easy to move if you’d like to rearrange your room.  In terms of playing features, the sturdy legs secure the playing surface and keep it level.

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table

A good choice for beginners and children, the Playcraft Sport Foosball Table offers affordability and convenience.  Foosball players will appreciate features like ball serve cups, internal ball recovery, and plastic slide corners.  The table’s height can also be adjusted to suit child or adult players and the playing surface will always be even, thanks to the table’s levelers.  Made of medium-density fiberboard, this table is durable but light.  Plus, it has an overall cool design and decorated with exciting graphics which younger players will like.

Hathaway Primo Soccer Table

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table has an elegant look and performance that all players love.  A real gem of a foosball table, it provides smooth and accurate play.  Made of fiber board and coated with melamine, this table weighs less than wood tables which last the longest, but is still fairly sturdy.  The legs are also strong and of premium quality, ensuring a stable surface.  The handsome look and player features of this full-sized table make it a good choice for intermediate level players.

Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

If you like playing outdoors, the Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is your perfect match.  Designed to withstand the elements, this table can safely be played outside even after enduring a little rain.  This is due mainly to its treated resin cabinet, glass playing surface, and rust-proof rods.  It also comes with a cover.  Durability is not its only strength however; play is smooth and precise as well.  In addition to that, it’s not as heavy as you’d expect so you can carry it indoors or outdoors whenever you want.

Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table

One of the best tables for serious foosball players is the Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table.  You can trust that it’s built to last with its considerable weight of 215 lbs.  Heavier foosball tables are those made of wood and strictly high quality materials.  This table stands up pretty well to prolonged and heavy use.  Another great feature is the levelers which guarantee an even playing surface, whatever type or condition of the floor the table is on.  It also has a simple classic look which complements any room it’s in.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

A brand that has consistently manufactured the finest foosball tables, Tornado has another winner in their Tornado Sport.  A versatile table good for families, kids or businesses, it has levelers for easy and handy adjustment.  It’s also well-constructed and quite heavy, ensuring its continued use for several years.  For a smooth and enjoyable game, the table also stays securely in place and the steel rods are easy to handle.  The dark wood finish makes it attractive as well.  You might need to pay a little more for this model but it’s worthwhile for the quality you get.

Garlando G-500 Foosball Soccer Table

The Garlando G-500 Foosball Soccer Table is exceptionally sturdy, even judging by looks alone.  It’s constructed from top quality fiber board, making it hard-wearing.  At the same time, it’s not very heavy, weighing just under 200 lbs.  The legs are robust, fixing the table in place even when subjected to vigorous use.  The rods work smoothly and are easy to manipulate.  It’s also well-designed with a light colored wood veneer, a classy style suitable for any home or office.  Though not preferred by experienced players, this table is a good mid-priced option.

Sport Squad FX48 Foosball Table

Another great option for children is the Sport Squad FX48 Foosball Table.  It’s one of the most affordable models you can find that still provides enjoyable gameplay.  It’s smaller than traditional foosball tables so it doesn’t take up too much space.  Because it’s made of particle board, it’s strong enough for most games but light and easy to move around.  The simple black and white design and graphics also appeals to younger players.  The main concern for a table like this would be durability but if it’s used by children who play with lesser force, that won’t be a major issue.

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

The Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table is well-built and designed for durability.  The thickness of the playing surface, the cabinet and the table legs attest to the strength and steadiness of this table.  The table is also equipped with levelers so you can adjust it for a nice flat playing area.  It’s also heavy which is a good sign of its quality.  As for the rods, they’re made of stainless steel and spin smoothly and easily.  Young adults and intermediate level players will be pleased with this table.

Summing Up

Any of these models are good value for the money but make sure to consider the age and player level of those who are going to use the table.  Durability, convenience and stability are also important factors.  Children, teenagers and adults alike can all enjoy a rousing game of foosball with these foosball tables we recommend.