The 3 Best Elliptical Machines For The Guy Who Hates The Treadmill

Best Elliptical Machines

The Best Elliptical Machines: 2016 Guide

Getting in shape needs time, dedication and a whole lot of tenacity. The best elliptical machine will make it easier to exercise. It prevents the need for you to find time to rush to the gym. All you need is an elliptical machine for your work out. Finding the best elliptical machine is ideal for your fitness as you train from home.

Elliptical machines are a wonderful training tool that help people become fit. They do this without destroying their bones and joints when indulging in high-impact exercise routines. Further below we will carry out some elliptical reviews

Visiting your local gym to train can be a challenge given the busy schedules that we conform to today. Other than that; not everyone is comfortable with working out around other people. Elliptical training machines allow users to get in shape while working out from their homes.

The instant you make a decision to start working out to get fit; the next step includes finding the right machine to facilitate the home workout program. These machines are the better and newer version of treadmills.

They are the exercise machine of choice for many people thanks to their low-impact approach.


What To Look For When Searching For An Elliptical Machine

We agree that an elliptical machine might look one-dimensional thanks to its steady, flowing motion. However; this is a diverse machine that has a host of pre-sets that allow your arms and legs to move.

Whether you aim at losing weight, firming up your muscles. Or if you are interested in increasing your endurance or simply looking for a way to keep fit and look good. Al elliptical exercise device this is the perfect tool for a home training program.

Using such a machine for your training routine gives users access to a powerful cardiovascular workout routine that is easy on the lower back and joints. A machine that is better than hitting the pavement as you run or workout on a treadmill.

Elliptical exercise devices are great for beginners and also seasoned athletes. The machines have been designed for use by individuals that suffer from previous injuries. Despite the fact, that it provides weight bearing workout sessions, it’s easy on your body and injuries.


Elliptic Equipment Design

After having the opportunity to perform elliptical reviews in the market; both front-drive and rear-drive models. We advise that; the most prolific consideration is the amount of weight a machine can hold.

Individuals looking to buy exercise equipment are mostly looking to lose weight. See to it that you settle for a workout model that is capable of supporting your starting weight.

Moreover; it’s critical that you consider the stride length, especially if you are under 5 and a half feet tall or over six feet tall. Average stride length is 20 inches. Given your height; you may require either a shorter or longer adjustment.

Resistance level range and incline are ample factors to put into consideration. These are features that make it possible for you to increase your workout toughness.

Flywheel weight is a critical factor that comes in handy for the gliding action smoothness. The heavier the flywheel, in comparison to your strength and your weight; the smoother your steps feel.


Workout Programs

Pre-set workout sessions make it extremely easy for users to select programs that will help them meet their goals. The best elliptical trainers offer users a plethora of pre-sets. Experts’ advice potential buyers to search for models that have between 20 and 30 pre-sets.

These are an enough range of presets for people who get bored easily by workout routines. Users whose goals include losing weight, building their endurance or their strength, should search instead for elliptical bikes that have cross or strength training programs and fat burner options.

After comparing the amount of pre-set programs, every elliptical machine comes with. As well as examining the variety of workouts; it’s important that you find a tool that allows you to increase or minimize the resistance or incline automatically.



Every elliptical machine will monitor your progress. Some of the points monitored include:

  • Heart Rate
  • The Distance Covered
  • Estimated calories burned
  • Duration of the workout

These are not the only points’ elliptical machines monitor, and there are many more as you will come to find out. If you know that your heart rate is critical to your workout plan; search instead for an elliptical machine that is compatible with a chest strap.

A chest wrap makes it easy for the elliptical bike to keep monitoring your heart continuously.


In-Built Accessories

We took time to go through extras that come with every elliptical machine. We found out that the best devices come with the following features:

  • MP3 player jacks
  • Water bottle holders
  • Speakers
  • Cooling fans

More features to keep an eye out for includes; tablet or book holders. Also, search for a device that allows you to connect to your home wireless network. These are inbuilt accessories that make it possible for users to remain engaged as they workout.

The machines are equipped with features and accessories that help users eliminating boredom they experience as they workout.


Warranty & Support

As elliptical trainers are a sweet and suitable investment; it’s important that users purchase a machine with a good warranty in the event a problem arises. We were keen on the warranty length offered by every company for the labor, frame, and parts.

The best elliptical machines we realized, have a lifetime warranty on the frame. Averagely; the best machines have three years on parts and a whole year warranty on the labor.

Company support is an excellent feature that comes in handy for things such as:

  • Answering any problems that may arise
  • Assembling questions

Getting in shape is something that takes considerable time, a particular time of dedication and tenacity. Users don’t have the need to be stressed or feel uncomfortable at the gym. They now have the ability to purchase the best elliptical machine to meet their needs and establish regular exercise routines.

Elliptical Machine Reviews

Below we carry out elliptical machine reviews to find the best elliptical machine. Our list will help you find a machine that will suit your needs. A device that will help you come up with a regular exercise program that you are comfortable with, and you can follow it from the comfort of your home.


ProForm Smart Strider 935 Elliptical Review

ProForm Smart Strider 935

This elliptical machine comes pre-programmed with exercise routines and loaded with a plethora of accessories. It has twenty-four variable resistant levels, built to make your workout sessions active and enjoyable.

The ProForm elliptical machine is a rear drive, heavy duty machine that supports up to 350 pounds. The machine is custom fit with cushioned pedals that you can step into with ease. The device features a 25-inch wide base that helps users maintain your balance as you exercise.

You should note that buying an elliptical machine that supports your body, a steady machine to help you as you work out is an important thing.



  • Transport wheels built into the trainer’s front. The wheels make the bike easy to move and easy to store away.
  • The machine folds up and locks in place. You are left with free space. By folding it and locking it up, you prevent children from using the device, avoiding injury.
  • It comes with an adjustable 18’-20’ adjustable stride length. The length is enough for persons of average height and fantastic for people over six feet tall.
  • The resistance and incline controls are located at the swinging arm handles. The locations make it easy for you to make any adjustments without pausing your workout routine.
  • Built with a 7’ color LCD touchscreen that you can read with ease and select options.


Nordic Track Elite 12.7 Elliptical Review

Nordic Track Elite 12.7

The Nordic Track Elite 12.7 is a robust, efficient trainer, designed with a high weight capacity, lots of built-in accessories and an adjustable stride to make the workout routine comfortable.

The machine is designed as a front drive elliptical tool equipped with:

  • Swinging and stationary handles
  • Covered with a 32-pound flywheel
  • Step-up 11’ height making it easy to mount and dismount

The strides measure in at 20’. However, they automatically adjust upwards to 21’ as you exercise on an incline. Users can customize the 20-degree incline in two ways; either by pressing the large button on the control panel or by using the controls on the stationary handles.

The Elite elliptical exercise machine features 26 levels of resistance. Users have many different levels to challenge their workouts. The machine has been designed in a way that you can control the resistance from either the handles or the console.


  • The Elite 12.7 elliptical training machine features a full-colour 7′ touch screen display
  • Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to connect to their wireless home network and accessing the internet as they workout.
  • Automatic cooling fan that increases its strength as you train more
  • Water bottle holder
  • MP3 Player input and speakers
  • Book holder


The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review

The Schwinn 470

This elliptical machine offers users a range of 29 workout programs to choose from. The machine comes custom fit with programs that users can set. Most elliptical training machines come with 1-2 user profiles; the Schwinn 470, on the other hand, has 4 user profiles.

The Schwinn 470 elliptical machine is a convenient option for households with several people using it for their workout routines. It’s also excellent for users looking to create the custom workout routines for different days.

The Schwinn 470 elliptical machine is designed with two fitness tests, a recovery test and holds a quick-start option. Pre-set programs include; fat burning, cardio and hill training with beginner and advanced options.

Users using this machine can adjust programs, including five incline levels and resistance to either make the workout easier or more challenging. The device features an automatic incline adjustment that can change up to 10 degrees as the user progresses with their exercise session.


  • The machine has two back lit LCD screens that display fitness data showing users the time they have spent working out. Displays the distance they have covered. Indicates the number of calories they have successfully managed to burn. Stats are shown on the lower display.
  • Custom fit with a reading rack that holds a book or a table. The introduction of this feature welcomes the convenience of not having to move the device, to see the progress of your workout.
  • Fit with a USB charging port allowing users to charge their mobile devices as they work out.

One of the greatest features of the Schwinn 470 is the integration with the MYFitnessPal App to the Schwinn Connect Website. Users are now able to transfer their training details to the App. This helps to keep track of their workout sessions and also share their fitness progress.

The sharing option is a great way users can keep themselves accountable without having to enter data manually. To track down the heart rate while working out; users easily grip the sensors on the handlebars.

The only drawback about the elliptical machine is the 20’ stride length. 20 inches is the average stride length in almost all elliptical machines. Anybody that has either a short or a long stride might be a bit uncomfortable after using the device for some time.

Now you have information about some of the best elliptical machines you can purchase. You have no excuse not to train, get an elliptical machine and get in shape. Use our elliptical machine reviews to get the best one for you. No need to over exert yourself with trips to the gym. Cut down the time you spend going there and spend that time exercising instead!