The 10 Best Drill Presses Compared

If you are looking to renovate some parts of your home or are a home handyman, then, a drill press can be a great addition to your power tool range. With limited knowledge in choosing the kind of mechanical device your task really requires, where do you start your search?

The most appropriate drill press for you can be determined based in a lot of aspects. There is the type of construction usage that you have to think about, the material you are going to use it for and not taking for granted the warranty and performance that go with every purchase.

Bear in mind that there are many varieties you can select from and in every model or type is designed for a specific purpose. These devices were originally created with the goal of drilling holes but eventually graduated into a thing of diverse usage.

Different models and brands come with attachments, accessories, differ in sizes and power capacity. These features allow the drill press to perform more specific functions that is why they are also priced differently. Furthermore, you will often find a slightly higher price point for drill presses when comparing them to standard cordless drills for example, and this is all due to drill presses serving a more specialized function than a standard drill.

Drill Press Reviews

2017 Drill Press Buying Guide

• Material – The sturdiest drill press head has to have a virtually strong material like cast iron for outstanding support and protection for specific parts of the tool like the motor, quill and pinion shaft.
• Strength – Strength of the drill press depends on its table and base. This is for additional strength and rigidity, plus convenience.
• Durability – A solidly constructed drill press makes up for long-lasting usage and precision.
• Support – The motor bracket should be adjustable and must have a solid construction to make sure it is able to deliver the right belt tension.
• Customizable – There has to be other speed option for drilling various types of materials. Drill presses that have long range speed choices work best for any type of materials.
• Construction and Sizes –Floor models are more effective; be sure to pick those with a height range between 65-76” while bench models (usually second choices) should be from 25-50” in height.

Best Drill Press 2017

Compare the top 10 drill presses below!

10. JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20″ Floor Standing Drill Press

This top quality drill press has massive brute power and designed for hobbyists or professionals looking for a drill press that will handle any job with ease.

• 20” floor type
• 1.5hp-strong motor
• 12 spindle variable speed
• ¾” chuck
• 150 – 4200 rpm
• 288 lbs.
• Table adjusts up and down upon turn of a crank precisely where user needs it
• Comes with drill chuck, key and a built-in work light
• 2 year warranty

9. Delta 18-900L 18 Inch Drill Press with Laser

The Delta 18-900L is a huge favorite among experts due to its accuracy and ease usage. It is also known as a time saver.

• Unique auto-tensioner belt drive system
• 59” Floor type
• Flexible Twin Laser
• Capable of up to 3000 rpm
• Variable speed is 16
• 6” quill stroke for deeper drilling solutions
• Precision-driven micro-adjustable depth stop
• ¾hp induction engine
• Warranty: 5 years

8. Craftsman 12-Inch Drill Press

This drill press got favorable feedbacks from its many buyers due to its middle price tag and excellent performance. A truly good value for money with the capabilities it delivers.

• 3.5 amp motor delivering ½hp
• Digital depth readout
• 12” Bench type
• Cross-hair laser system for accurate drills and alignment
• ⅝” chuck
• Speed setting range: 355 – 3065 rpm
• Better belt adjustments
• Heavy and stable

7. Rockwell RK7033 Shop Series Drill Press

Excellent power and performance best describe this drill press preferred by both amateur and professional users. It is also a favorite among home wood shops and do-it-yourself aficionados.

• 6.2 amp motor at 2/3 Hp
• 5-speed gearbox to match speed of application
• Work table series capable of 45-degree left & right swivel
• Speed reaches 3100 rpm

6. EURO TOOL DRL-300 Bench-Top Drill Press

Superior quality products like EURO TOOL DRL-300 belong to top level drill press. It is perfect when working on crafts, DIY projects, jewelry tools and hobbies. This tool requires users lesser effort compared to hand-held drills.


• 15” bench top device
• Drill clearance is 5”
• Base measurement – 6.75″ x 6.75″
• 3-point variable settings
• Speed reaches up to 8500 rpm
• 5.5 ft. cord (110v/100v)

5. Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press

This drill press is quite easy to operate drill press. It is a diverse type of tool that can double as a sander used for a variety of sanding techniques and applications.

• ¾hp motor
• Bench top model
• 110 Volts
• Speed ranges from 250-3050 rpm
• Variable speed is 12
• ⅝” chuck
• Spindle capable of traveling 3-¼”
• 13 ¼ inch swing
• Comes with 3-pc. Spindle sander drum kit with mandrel
• 80-grit sanding paper measured to fit 1”, 1 ½” and 2” drums

4. Skil 3320-01 10 Inch Drill Press

This entry level drill press is super functional and precise in performance and preferred by many users due to its moderate price. It is made perfectly for home work shops.

• Laser guiding system works like a charm
• 3.2 amp
• Bench type
• ½” keyed chuck
• Variable speed – 5
• Speed setting range from 570 – 3050 rpm
• 45-degree Left to Right tilting feature
• Adjustable depth stop for precise measurements and repetitious drills
• Laser X2 2-beam laser for accurate hole alignment

3. WEN 4210 Drill Press With Laser

Wen 4210 is a compact kind of drill press but sold at a reasonable price. This high quality tool has a solid construction and ideal for DIY home owner projects.

• 3.2 amp motor provides enough power and torque
• Has X-pattern laser for fast and easy precision drilling
• Has 5 speed adjustments
• Ranges from 600 – 3100 rpm
• 7 ⅝” x 7 ⅝” cast iron work table
• Rack 7 pinion height adjustment
• Swivels to 45 degrees Left to Right
• Spindle travels 2 ½”
• Table top model
• Easy to read locking linear depth stop
• Includes assembly tools

2. JET 354165 JDP-15M Drill Press

This brand model is among the best bench top drill presses available in the market. It has a wide variety of non-drilling functions and capabilities that come with high standard quality.

• Variable 16-speed
• Speed ranges from 200 – 3630 rpm
• Crank-operated
• Rotating work table tilts up to 45 degrees
• Full 10 x 13”work surface
• ¾hp 115/230-V motor
• 15” swing
• adjustable tension spindle return spring
• Includes ⅝” drill chuck and key
• built-in work light (bulb not included)
• Measures 31x13x39-½”
• 150 lbs. in weight

1. TruePower 01-0822 Precision Mini Drill Press

This mini drill works best for homeowners who want to things on their own. It is said to be really good to use for continuous hours and surpasses other bigger drill presses.


• Cast iron worktable model
• 3-range variable speed control
• Permanent magnet motor with changeable speed control
• Infinite speed selection from speed ranging from 0-5000, 0-6500, and 0-8500 rpm
• Accommodates drills from 0.79 to 6mm (¼) in diameter

With all the above information, you are able to find the most appropriate drill press for your own requirements. Just be reminded that when comparing, think of looking at strength, durability and performance. Price will always come last if you want to own a quality product.