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Summer is fun when living the good life outdoors where you can enjoy playing your favorite sport or just cruising the highway with your friends. Yes, you can do many things under the sun and what’s more enjoyable is riding on a new cruiser bike that spits out the real person in you.

For reasons other than a tight budget, people think that selecting the best bike can be daunting due to some technical aspects that go with every model. What’s good to know is that indecisiveness can now be remedied by means of careful selection and consideration of the things that goes inside your mind. In this case, you came to the right page!

Selection process

Searching for the best cruiser bike takes you to the basics. First priority when looking for this kind of bicycle is ease and convenience – if you don’t like riding it then what’s the point?

Next, think about stability; you don’t want to see yourself waiting for a stranger’s truck to load the defective, low quality bike you bought a couple of days ago, right? Remind yourself that you are buying not just because you want to use the bike for a couple of days; think of long term benefits.

It’s not only you who is not an expert at choosing this kind of vehicle. Many others before you have had bad experiences so do not fret because you got help. Below are some of the best bikes you can use for cruising and listed down regardless of the gender of the buyer.

Top cruiser bike choices for both men and women

10. Diamondback Bicycles Men’s 2015 Drifter Complete Cruiser Bike 26-Inch/One Size, Green

The Diamondback Bicycles men’s 2015 Drifter Complete Cruiser Bike offers sheer excitement. It is made of durable high tensile steel frame that guarantees safe travel at all times. It sports a classic tank top tube with rear fenders and chain guard that protects user from splashing grit and puddles. Brakes are reliable and created simple for the plain rider. Its platform pedals suits those who like to use flip flops while cruising.
Price starts at $135.99
Color: Green

9. Critical Cycles Dutch Step-Thru 3-Speed City Coaster Commuter Bicycle, 44cm/One Size

The Critical Cycles Dutch Step-Thru 3-Speed City Coaster Commuter Bicycle has a hand-made Dutch step-thru frame made out of robust steel. It has a 3-speed Sturmey Archer internal hub and grip shifter. Coaster brakes were added to enable easy and distraction-free braking. Puncture-resistant tires by Kenda Kwest were incorporated to form this great looking bike. To add elegance and convenience to the design, bikes of this kind are fitted with faux leather saddle seats and grips.
Price starts at $279.99
Colors available:
• British racing green
• Coral
• Turquoise
• Black
• Cream


8. Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike

This 1-speed 26” cruiser bike has a classic-looking longboard frame. It has wider tires, soft foam grips and a cushiony saddle that spells comfort. The hand-built frame provides ease in shock absorption compared to those manufactured in aluminum. Its handle bars are placed high enabling upright riding style. This men’s cruiser bike comes with coaster brakes and a kickstand and also, with a wide variety of colors.

Price starts at $169.99
• Graphite/Orange
• Matte Burnt Orange
• Shadow Green
• Matte Black
• Gunmetal
• Matte Burnt Orange


7. Sixthreezero Men’s In the Barrel 26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This single speed 26” men’s cruiser bicycle has an 18” extended frame made of steel created with a forward pedaling design. Seemingly a low profile bike with all blacked-out components, it delivers superior convenience to the user. It is built with a black embossed saddle that comes with a matching grip. Pedals are made of rubber block for a more comfortable pedal action.

Prices range from $275 – $400
Color: Matte Black

6. Anti-Rust Aluminum Alloy Frame, Fito Verona SF Alloy 1-speed Women’s 26

Fito Verona single-speed women’s cruiser bike has an anti-corrosion aluminum alloy that has an extended frame. With a crank forward design, its frame measures 16” and the lowest height the seat can be adjusted is up to 29.5”. This model has aluminum alloy rims or stems and weighs 31 lbs. It is capable of carrying up to 200 lbs. with a tire pressure of approximately 40 PSI.
This bike is pre-assembled that requires owners to assemble only the handle bar, front wheel; install the pedals and fenders. Colored spokes support and adorns its 26” x 2.125” cruiser tires.

Price starts at $159.99
• Baby Blue
• Black Turquoise
• Mint Green
• Vanilla/Orange

5. Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bicycle

This is a step-thru bike constructed with super strong high-tensile steel frame, Chromoly downtube and fork. It is designed for upright riding as well as ideal for relaxed cruising trips. You can opt for a single-speed; a 3-speed Shimano Nexus Twist Shifter; or choose the 8-speed Shimano Twist Shifter model. Kendra 700x35c tires are used in this model’s 30 mm deep dish double walled alloy rims.
It is fitted with front and rear caliper alloy brakes, a 3-pc. Crank set, and a chain guard that protect fabrics and legs from oil spills. Known to look stylish and practical, it has a silver bell, kickstand and matching fenders. It is also customized with leather grips, rear rack, reflectors as well as leather saddle attached with springs underneath.

Prices range from $449 – $521
• Crosby Sea Foam Green/White
• Abbey Cream/Mint Green
• Western Black
• Talamanca Teal/Silver

4. Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

The Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike has a flip-flop rear wheel hub that provides ease when changing from single-speed to a fixed gear. Its frame was made out of high tensile and fully Tig-welded steel that provides stability and reliability for its users. With its front brakes easy to remove, this bike uses Kenda tubes and tires, LMC chain and Oury grips for more convenience.

Prices range from $322 – $350
Colors: Available in 24 amazing variations

3. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Owning an Urban Lady Beach cruiser bike gets the user on top of the heap. It is a combination of affordability, comfort and style. This curvy framed bike was touted as the best of its kind to date and ranks as the top choice for beach cruising or going down to get some groceries. The bike has 26” and 24” wheel dimensions and comes in single, 3-speed and 7-speed models.

With a frame size of 16”, it is fitted with Shimano gear system and coaster brakes for the single and 3-speed types while the 7-speed model goes with hand brakes.

Prices range from $199.99 – $426.19
Colors: 17 varieties ranging from single color to mixed

2. Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Green

Kulana Men’s Cruiser Bike in 26” wheel frame is a classic cruiser bicycle with fork and frame both made of steel. It comes with a large saddle with springs underneath for a comfortable riding experience. It has full-wrap steel fenders and easy to reach rise stem and handle bars.

Price starts at $114.21
Color: Green

1. Firmstrong Chief Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch

This type of cruiser bike has 26” aluminum wheels and built for men who love to rides during their spare time. Due to its forward pedaling design, seat is built closer to the ground while it enables leg extension. It has a 19” durable steel framing with a tube designed in a circular and high-arched fashion.
It is fitted with balloon tires for more convenience and coaster brakes that are easy to operate. This bike is perfect for men 5’ 4” to 6’ 4’’ tall. There is an option for 1-speed, 3-speed and 7-speed models.

Prices range from $239.99 – $374.04
• Black
• Matte Black
• Matte Grey
• Matte Grey/Red Rims
• Orange
• White

With these data at hand, you can never go wrong in finding what’s right for you. Just don’t dream of getting one that does not fit your lifestyle so that things will turn out perfectly for you this coming summer.

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