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The circular saw is an important tool for handymen, construction workers, and Do-it-Yourself-ers. This popular tool can easily create a straight or lengthwise cut across a material, usually a board. A circular saw can also be used for bevel or angled cutting. This tool is so popular that most households have this, but how do you find the right one for your needs? This guide has all the information you need to make your purchasing decision much easier.

Dewalt DWS535

The Dewalt DWS535 is one of the top-selling circular saws in the market. It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It is a user-favorite because of its ability to make quick, accurate, and clean cuts. This tool has an extra-wide saw hook that can easily handle materials up to 2.5 inches wide. The set comes with a carbide blade and blade wrench, ensuring durability that can stand the test of time.

The DWS535 is easy to store, as well. Even though it is lightweight, it can still easily handle tough jobs. This circular saw is made of magnesium to give all the power you want without the bulk. The top-accessible spindle lock allows for quick blade changes for little to no downtime.

SKIL 5680-02

This 7.25-inch circular saw has a laser guide, a powerful 15 AMP motor, and a 51-degree bevel that even Do-it-Yourself-ers will surely appreciate. It boasts of safety features that will prevent any accidents from happening, including the anti-snag lower guard, safety lock, and power-on indicator. The Laser Cutline Guide ensures accurate cut, while stability will never be an issue because of the tool’s wide foot plate.

Makita 5007MGA

The Makita 5007MGA offers an impressive combination of power, durability, weight, and easy usage. Like the Dewalt DWS535, this model is also among the most popular in the market. It offers a large cutting capacity that allows for a maximum bevel cutting capacity of up to 56 degrees.

You can easily make quick changes as this tool has positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. One of its best features is the electric brake that can quickly stop the blade for added productivity. Other interesting finds include the twin LED lights for adequate illumination, and the ergonomic hand grips for added comfort and reduced fatigue.

Bosch CS5

The Bosch CS5 is one of the least expensive models on this list. It consistently grabs the top spots on most review sites, which means customers have had a great time using this tool. This lightweight circular saw has a powerful 15 AMPs, and a unique left-blade design that allows you to clearly see the cutting process. Another impressive feature of this model is its anti-snag lower guard that makes bevel cutting much easier, unlike other models. Best of all, its motor air discharge handles all the dust that fly out as you cut.

Dewalt DWE575SB

The DWE575SB is a lightweight 7.25-inch circulaw saw that weighs only 8.8 pounds. It features an electric brake that immediately stops the blade once the trigger is released. The patented cord protection system, meanwhile, offers added durability against cord pull-out, normally experienced by most users. Another great feature is the ball bearing lower guard that prolongs the life of the tool, even against dust contamination.

The high-grade stamped aluminum shoe offers users a smooth and durable base to ensure accurate cutting. The integrated dust blower, meanwhile, gives users a clear sightline during cutting. Users will also enjoy the built-in wrench storage for quick blade changes and easy storage. With so many great features, it is no wonder why this model made it into this list.

Rockwell RK3441K

The Rockwell RK3441K is a powerful and functional circulaw saw that is compact at only 4.5 inches. This lightweight and compact model can replace your bulky circular saw. It can accurately cut sheet goods and 2x4s in the same amount of time. No need to drag out that large and heavy circular saw. Another great feature is its slim grip handle that provides added control and comfort, meaning you can work on your project with only one hand.

Rockwell VersaCut

The Rockwell VersaCut is a heavy-duty circular saw that is compact, lightweight, and well-balanced. It produces professional-grade results in flooring, wood, ceramic tile, plastic, metal, and more, thanks to its Laserguide technology that ensures precise cutting. Its small size also allows for accuracy and power, especially in areas that are not easily accessed by regular circular saws.

With a 4-AMP motor, the VersaCut is designed to cut materials that are thicker than an inch. Its dust extraction adapter keeps your cutting sight clear of dust. Best of all, the lock-off switch prevents any accidental starting.

Dewalt DCS391B

The Dewalt DCS391B features a powerful 460-MWO motor that delivers speed and power for the most demanding cuts. Its lightweight magnesium shoe extends the tool’s life, providing long-term cutting accuracy. The rubber comfort grip helps maintain optimum control and balance. This feature helps users work for long hours without worrying about fatigue and other forms of discomfort.

Porter-Cable PC15CSLK

This Porter-Cable circular saw is capable of producing 15 AMPS and 5,000 RPM of power. It can handle nearly any cutting job, especially with its heavy-duty, ball-bearing motor installed. This circular saw offers a wide range of uses. Its bevel edges from 0 to 45 degrees. The spindle-lock features allows you to utilize only one wrench. This tool also has a secondary handle for added stability, while the soft grip handles help reduce vibration. If you are looking for a highly-durable circular saw that consistently does accurate cutting, then the Porter Cable PC15CSLK could be your best option.

Hitachi C7ST

The Hitachi C7ST features a 24-tooth blade that can do rough cuts. It has an integrated dust chute that easily expels chips and dust to clear your cutting sight. This circular saw also features a soft grip handle for improved control and reduced vibration, and a single-handed bevel adjustment. The C7ST will not only provide you a precise 90-degree cut, but also bevels between 0 and 45 degrees. With so much functionality and comfort, this model is investment-worthy.

These are the 10 best circular saws on the market today. Take your time when reviewing each one of them, so you can make the right purchasing decision for your needs. With these product reviews, your circular saw shopping will become much more enjoyable.

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