All men, active or not, are more appealing when they’re clean and well-groomed and these good hygiene habits includes skincare. To cleanse your body well and get a fresh feeling with longer lasting fragrance, a top quality body wash is best. Body washes are more convenient to use and most produce a good amount of lather.

Read through this guide to know what to look for in your body wash and take a look at some of the best body washes for men listed below.

Body Wash Buying Guide:

– What’s your skin type?

It’s important to know your skin type and choose a suitable body wash so that you can get the best results and at the same time avoid breakouts. If you have dry skin, find a body wash which has more moisturizing properties. For sensitive skin, look for a mild formula or one that is unscented or fragrance-free. Oily skin types will need a body wash which offers excellent cleansing but does not dry out the skin as extreme dryness can still lead to breakouts.

– What ingredients are in the product?

Another thing to check is the list of ingredients at the back of the product. A number of body washes could be great at eliminating germs, but may also have chemicals that are too strong and could possibly damage your skin in the long run. It’s especially crucial to check if you know beforehand that there are some ingredients or substances that you are possibly allergic to. Some people opt for products with organic ingredients instead but these are also usually more costly.

– How does it benefit your skin?

In addition to cleansing the skin of dirt and impurities, body washes also provide various other benefits. Several use antioxidants as ingredients to help the skin protect as well as repair itself. Quite a few products also specialize in polishing the skin and removing dead cells from the skin’s surface to uncover new unblemished skin underneath.

– Do you like the product’s scent and consistency?

Body washes vary in scents but those made for the male market can usually be expected to have a herbal, woodsy or musky aroma. There are also some products that have scents that can be considered more unisex. It’s best to check the scent of a product before buying to make sure you’re okay with it especially if you don’t want it to clash with your cologne. You might also want to look at online reviews to have an idea of the product’s texture and consistency. You might end up using too much of the product if you think the product looks too thin to produce a good lather.

Top 7 Body Washes For Men:

1. Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Wash

The Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Body Wash is a terrific body wash known mainly for its attractive scent. The aroma is a warm and woodsy type that’s incredibly appealing. This body wash also contains shea butter, Vitamin E and aloe vera to provide extra hydration for the skin, making it soft and smooth. Its thick texture is ideal for producing a lot of foam. At the same time, it rinses off neatly, leaving your skin clean and subtly fragrant.

2. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash

With the Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash, your skin feels squeaky clean and smells amazing. In addition to that, the three variants of this product stand out from the market for their distinctive aromas, Italian lime and pomegranate, bergamot and pear, and flora and cassis. The Italian lime and pomegranate in particular, has become a favorite for many users. Although the lather this body wash makes is only of moderate quality, it cleanses the skin quite well while keeping the skin moisturized thanks to one of its main ingredients, jojoba oil. You won’t need to worry about over-drying your skin.

3. Neutrogena Body Clear

Among the body washes in the market, Neutrogena Body Clear is one of the best for sensitive and blemish-prone skin. It’s only mildly scented and it’s fortified with salicylic acid to help treat acne and other skin conditions. This body wash also cleans the skin thoroughly to prevent dirt from getting trapped in the surface which develops into inflammation and breakouts. The foam made by this wash is considerable, more than enough for gentle cleaning, but it does not strip the skin of moisture.

4. Jack Black All-Over Wash

The Jack Black All-Over Wash is a multi-purpose product that has become well-known and favored by men for its convenient use and exceptional features. This topnotch product can be used to cleanse the body, as an alternative for shampoo and even to clean the face. It has a gentle formulation, free of synthetics and harsh ingredients, which makes it ideal for any part of the body and keeps the skin nicely hydrated. It also lathers up very well and leaves a clean and refreshing sensation with a faint but distinctly masculine scent.

5. Irish Spring Gear Body Wash

A brand that has been around for many years, Irish Spring has produced good quality soaps and their body wash is just as successful. This first-rate body wash is used to rid the skin of dust and dirt, while giving additional benefits to enhance your skin’s health. It has Vitamin E for antioxidant properties to shield your skin from damage. It also protects your skin from bacteria and odor and at the same time maintains the freshness of your skin for several hours. The warm masculine scent is another bonus and it’s perfect for providing your skin with the moisture it needs.

6. Lab Series Active Body Wash

For an ultra-clean feeling resulting from a good scrub, try Lab Series Active Body Wash. This product has exfoliating micro-beads for a deeper cleanse than normal body washes. Old skin cells along with dirt and germs are rinsed from the skin’s surface, exposing new and fresher skin with a better texture. This body wash contains moisturizing ingredients as well that infuse the skin with moisture to keep skin smoother and more supple. The mild citrusy smell is also pleasant.

7. C.O. Bigelow Elixir Black Hair and Body Wash

The C.O. Bigelow Elixir Black Hair and Body Wash ranks among the best for its wonderful scent. The combination of spice and musk is superb and not often found among other washes. It’s a masculine but unique scent that makes quite an impression. The other function of this body wash, is as a hair wash. It may not be as good as shampoo but it does fairly well on its own. If you’re looking for a heavy lather and effective cleanse, this product delivers on that area as well.

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