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Airsoft is a popular group activity that has brought the fun to friends, families, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. It also provides a perfect avenue for practice shooting since it is less dangerous than the traditional firearms. A few hours of airsoft shooting can already make you feel more confident and happy afterwards.

However, you need to find the best airsoft gun to make your experience more worthwhile. The first step in shopping for airsoft guns is to check the list below for some of the best models on the market, complete with specifications and important product details.

Best Airsoft Gun 2016

BBTac M4 M16 Replica

The BBTac M4 M16 Replica is perfect for beginners. Aside from being one of the cheapest on the list (between $30-40), this model has all the basic accessories you need. The set is placed in a Styrofoam box, including accessories like the flashlight, sling, heat block, vertical foregrip, and more. The foregrip provides ample support for your left hand.

It also has a laser that features a pressure switch and an RIS/weaver mouth. The laser, however, should be under the RIS for proper alignment. The red dot sight is a basic cross sight that appears once you turn it on.

Other features include the speed loader, mag loader, and the jamming rod. The magazine holds up to 45 rounds, and then drops the BB when you take it out. Lastly, the battery contains 500mAh and 7.2 volts, and comes with a wall outlet charger.

Smith & Wesson On-Duty Kit with CS 45 Pistol and M3000 Shotgun

This airsoft gun is guaranteed to give you an edge at any airsoft battle. It comes with a back-up pistol and an M3000 shotgun that features a full stock for added comfort as you shoot. Packed wit a realistic pumping action racking, this airsoft gun has a tri-rail system and ample mounting space for laser sights, red dot scopes, and a functional tactical flashlight.

The two 180-round magazines allow for a breezy reloading experience. Another interesting feature is the licensed Chief’s Special CS45 pistol and holster included in the package for a reliable back-up. This kit is ready to use once taken out of the box, and even includes 500 rounds of BBs.

Kalashnikov AK47 AIMS Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG

This airsoft gun features a realistic EBB system that produces an authentic “clink” for every shot. Its full metal build gives it a rugged look, as well as a weight that is just as much as the real thing. In addition, its foregrip and handguard are made from genuine wood for added authenticity and comfort.

The side-folding rear wire stock makes close quarters combat easier, perfect for fast-paced battles in enclosed spaces. It also shoots up to 430 FPS with 0.20g BBs. If you want to win an airsoft battle with a full-metal AEG, then this should be on your must-haves.

Kalashnikov AK47 AEG Rifle with Full Stock

The AK47 AEG rifle is also a perfect option for beginners, mainly because of its price tag of under $50. You will notice Kalashnikov markings for added authenticity. The package includes all the things you need to get started, like the charger and battery.

It is also recommended that you purchase additional BBs because this airsoft rifle can shoot up to 400 rounds per minute on fully-automatic mode.

Cybergun Swiss Arms Black Eagle M6 Airsoft Rifle

This licensed airsoft rifle features a 6.7-inch upper receiver assembly for nearly all scopes or sights. It has an easy bolt pull that gives you an easy one-handed bolt pull for a more efficient shooting, removing the need to drop the rifle from the firing position. In addition, its built-in Hop-Up unit rifle is adjustable and can accurately shoot mid- to long-range targets.

The package comes with two 25-round magazines and a speed loader. With an increased magazine capacity, you no longer need to have plenty of magazines for an effective load-out.

The unit is also lightweight and durable, thanks to its polymer construction that allows for improved mobility. This rifle is the perfect solution to people who want a multi-role sniper rifle that is affordable and durable.

JG Airsoft M4          

This JG M4 airsoft gun features an ABS plastic body, and a full metal Rail Integration System. Weighing around eight pounds, this gun gives you a realistic weight, making you feel like you are carrying the real thing. The package comes with a wall charge, stick-type battery, instruction manual, rod, and the gun.

Other interesting features include the four-point adjustable stock, and high-torque motor. Overall, this airsoft gun is great for CQB and open field skirmishes.

Cybergun Airsoft DPMS Mi-Spec M4A1 Full Metal AEG

This full-metal AEG features a realistic weight and a handguard that is made of high density polymer for improved durability. If you want to upgrade the handguard, you can freely do so as it is compatible with most handguards. The six-position adjustable stock, meanwhile, allows you to change the length of the pull based on your battle requirements.

Other notable features include the accurate A2-style rear sight carry handle and front sight post that are adjustable for elevation and windage. This will help you deliver accurate shootings, whether your target is at a distance or close.

The dual-sling mounts are great for attaching your preferred tactical sling for added weapon control. Best of all, the long inner barrel is covered by a full-metal barrel that delivers up to 400 FPS of shooting capacity.

Colt M4A1 Metal Gearbox AEG

This licensed AEG is versatile, which means it can perform well in both indoor and outdoor situations. This rifle features a polymer body with two high capacity magazines and a full-metal gearbox. It fires at 340 FPS with 0.20g BBs, taking down targets at up to 190 feet.

In addition, this AEG performs great indoors, thanks to its collapsible stock that allows you to shorten its length by around four inches.

Double Eagle M82 fully automatic Electric Rifle

This M82 fully-automatic rifle looks like a weapon used by the U.S. marines, especially when you put on the scope and silencer. The entire unit is covered by ABS plastic. While it seems to be a fragile material, this rifle is extremely durable. The handle grip may feel huge for shooters with small hands, but the whole rifle feels slick and smooth.

The package comes with everything you need to get started, including a scope, magazine, silencer, instruction manual, BBs, flashlight, laser, flash muzler, and speed loader.

CM16 Raider-L

This airsoft gun is modifiable. Its body is mostly made of metal, including the adjustable sights, barrel, bolt release, buffer tube, magazine release, and fire selector. The internal parts are also made of metal, including the cylinder and gearbox. The piston, cylinder head, piston head, air nozzle, and tappet plate are all made of plastic.

This airsoft gun fires at about 350-370 FPS with 0.20g BBs. Other great features include the long barrel, impressive internals, adjustable rear sight, the large 450-round magazine, light, and ample battery space.

Bottom Line

Finding the best airsoft gun is not easy as you need to consider plenty of things, which is why this article contains detailed product reviews. Take time in reading these reviews and compare each product. Once you have finished reading and analyzing, you are then ready to purchase your very own airsoft gun.

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