Air hockey is one of the best indoor games that allows you to bring fun into your own home. There are air hockey tables specifically designed for home use, and are slightly smaller than the professional grade ones. You can easily set it anywhere in your home, and enjoy the game at your convenience.

When looking for the best air hockey table, you need to consider a lot of things, such as your skill level, the table size, and type. This buying guide will provide you a review of some of the best models available on the market today:

Atomic Blazer 7′

This Atomic Blazer model gives you more fun with less bulk. It comes with rail-integrated display, and electronic score keeping. With the 120V heavy-duty blower, you will surely enjoy fast-playing and the overhang rails will reduce the likelihood of puck bounce. This 7-foot table also features leg levelers to ensure a smooth surface, which is crucial in air hockey. The table is made of high-quality materials to make fun last longer.

The entire set includes four black pucks, and four black strikers. Best of all, you can convert this air hockey table into a table tennis table. This conversion feature makes the Atomic Blazer 7’ the ultimate multi-amusement table.

Triumph Sports 48-inch

This 48-inch table can provide you and your loved ones not only the fun in playing air hockey, but also three other tabletop games. Its small frame makes it perfect for people with smaller homes. Its height, meanwhile, accommodates children of all ages, but is too small for most adults.

It also does not have an electronic scorekeeper, unlike the other models on this list. The tabletops can easily be switched out, with the locking system securing the set in place. The entire set includes all the accessories you need to kickstart the fun.

GoGlory Turbo Hockey Table, 84-Inch

This 7-foot GoGlory air hockey table is built for high-speed, four-player gameplay. Its L-shaped legs are designed for a safe and secured game session, while the rest of its body is made of highly-durable materials that will stand the test of time. In addition, the single-blower features an efficient 110V and 60Hz motor that is compliant with the UL standards.

The electronic scoring system and automated puck goals will surely make your gaming experience more fun and exciting. The entire set includes four pucks and four strikers. Measuring 84x32x48 inches, this air hockey table will fit comfortably into nearly any room.

Viper Vancouver Air-Powered Hockey Table

The Viper Vancouver air hockey table assures you that it can stand the test of time, so you can play with the whole family anytime you wish. Its smooth white playing surface will make you feel as though you are playing real hockey inside your game room. Other cool features include the 110V motor that produces an 80 cubic feet per minute air flow, and a sleek electronic scorer.

To make your gaming experience more exciting, this table offers deep inner rails and dual-end rail puck return for added safety. The entire set is lightweight and sleek in design. The assembly process is easy, as well, and you can start playing in no time.

Sport Squad HX40

This Sport Squad air hockey table brings fun to people of all sizes and ages. It is electric-powered, so it can maintain a continuous and even air flow. It also features a quick and smooth glide to make your gaming experience more fun.

This compact air hockey table is made of high-quality wood, and can be moved and stored easily for homes with limited space. There is no need to worry about damaging your floors and other furniture as the Sport Squad HX40 has protective rubber pads underneath. The goal boxes return the puck, while the manual scorer can help keep track of the game. The entire set comes with an AC adapter, two plastic strikers, and two round pucks.

Monarch Air-Hockey Table

This Monarch table has everything that you are looking for in an air-hockey table. Its modern design enhances the total look of your game room. The playing field features a functional overhead arche, an electronic scoreboard, and sound effects to make the game more interesting. The entire set also includes four paddles. With a powerful blower, and a puck that glides smoothly on the playing surface, it is no wonder that this Monarch table made it into this list.

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table

This 40-inch air hockey table is perfect for younger kids who just want to have an exciting air hockey game. It is small enough to fit in small rooms, but adequately big for kids to enjoy. This table is made of MDF hardwood for added durability, and a 100-cubic-foot-per-minute motor that complies with the UL standards.

The set includes two pucks and two strikers, as well as an ABS puck catcher. Some customers opted to place the Playcraft Sport on the floor and sit down to play. Overall, the Playcraft Sport air hockey table offers a fun way for families and friends to bond without taking too much room and storage space.

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

This four-foot air hockey table brings the fun into your home at a reasonable price. Made from durable materials, this table features an electronic blower for a fast game play. Its L-shaped legs ensure a sturdy and stable playing surface, while the thick wood construction offers added durability. The electronic scorer, meanwhile, helps players keep track of the game.

Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Table, Dark Blue/Silver, 7.5-Feet

The Phantom 7.5-feet commercial-grade air hockey table offers a classic look with its deep blue color and chrome accents. It is fully-loaded with exciting features to bring the fun in air hockey to players of all sizes and ages. The design includes an arched base with leg levelers for added stability. It also features a scratch-resistant playing surface, electronic LED scoring, dual-blower motors, and an automatic puck catcher to keep the game going without any worries. Best of all, this Phantom air hockey table comes with a 90-day Limited Warranty.

Atomic Avenger 8′

The Atomic Avenger air hockey table combined high-end technology and heavy-duty construction for a gaming tool that can stand the test of time. This table features metal rails for a quick puch rebound, an inset scoreboard, and an overall sleek design. Your gaming experience will become even more exciting with its touch screen controls, sturdy leg levelers, and 120V motor. With such great features, the Atomic Avenger table should definitely in your list.

An air hockey table is one of the best ways to spend quality time with friends and family. It brings fun into your own home without taking too much space. Air hockey is easy to learn, which means your kids get to play, too. If your house has limited space, you can consider some of the models in this list that are easy to store and move. Make a comparison of all the models listed, so you can finally purchase the best air hockey table for your home.

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