Part of amplifying a man’s status symbol is his car. Big car, big, ermmm, amount of manliness. Of course, there are times when family needs might dictate that you need to get a more family-friendly vehicle (doh!), but circumstance permitting, below are our top list of the best cars every guy should consider and invest in.

1) The Dodge Ram.


Those full size trucks have always been the manliest cars. However, when the Dodge redesigned the ram for the year 1994, and provided it with a broad-shouldered and large-rig front end, that whole genre was redefined and re engineered. Try parking a ‘93 next to a ‘94 and you’ll swear that they were actually manufactured some decades apart. But on the basis of their manliness, they were obviously, light years apart.

2) Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

The inspiration for the current FJ Cruiser,which is the original Land Cruiser was only as tough and capable as its rival Jeep CJ, but when it comes to appearance, it has some major rugged killer looks and and greater reliability. The classic demand maintains collector values just as high and possesses an inspired re innovation from a California based firm, namely TLC – which specializes in the restoration processes of the hot manly cars that you should have.

3) The Cadillac Eldorado

Cadillac Eldorado

During the late 1960s, having a new Cadillac was considered as a status symbol of success and prestige. In the United States of America, but never about coolness. That has changed when the division has created the Eldorado, a really unique model rather than the priced trim level on those parade floats. Its considerable dimensions were nice and it served its purpose, that managed to appear more classy than the other models and thus, made it way more appealing especially to the younger male demographic. Sad to say, it didn’t last long. The Detroit way of the times has paved the way to a bloated reengineer of the Eldorado for 1971, which introduces the pimpmobile look.

4) The Hummer H1

Arnold Schwarzenegger has already been credited for pumping up an AM general to dress it in civvies, but make no mistake–this is definitely a no girlie-man’s vehicle. This look spells fearless power and simply intimidating. It possesses that strong unmistakable masculine strength and prowess. It is incredible to look at and may have generated more fame than sales in its time of its run in the public availability, but would always struck us to be one of the–if not, the most manliest rides you can ever have.

5) The AC Cobra


Carroll Shelby simply built the AC Cobra to win, and you know, by the looks of it, that it does. This car is virtually unparalleled by anything else whether on the street or on track, and its performance is still very much unmatched and powerfully efficient even after 40 years later. This AC Cobra may be our manliest car in terms of its sleek looks and impeccable character and its association with Ol’ Shel. It was not built to become a part of the automotive industry, but you know that it did and still continues to do so.

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